Top 10 Richest Cricketers In The World

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is very popular in some of the countries in the world, especially in the Indian subcontinent. Besides Asia, it is also followed in England and Australia. The International Cricket Council has over 100 nations as its member, out of which it has 12 permanent members. You may be surprised to know that Cricket is not the highest-paid sport in the world! However, we have some of the richest cricketers in the world!

The Top Teams in Cricket are India, England, Australia, and New Zeland and ICC conduct both Men and Women tournaments to promote this sport without any Gender bias.

The popularity of cricket is on rise in recent times. The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup was seen by over 1.6 billion people from all over the world! For Your Knowledge, in that nail-biting match, England defeated New Zeland.

Earnings of the players are mostly dependent on Match fees and endorsements. Every player in our list charges heavily for promoting brands. However, some earn from their own businesses and brands.

So, let us know about the richest cricketers in the world who are even richer from the even Top CEOs of Multinational Companies!


10. Shane Watson Net Worth: $30 Million USD

Shane Watson is the 10th richest cricketer in the world

Shane Watson is one of the most popular players from Australia. He is an All-Rounder and also a good fielder. His excellency in Bat and Ball is amazing as he scored 10,950 runs and took 281 Wickets in his 307 international appearances.

Besides playing for his national team, he also played in the T20 leagues from all over the world. He was the most expensive player in the 2016 IPL auctions in which RCB bought him for 9.5 crore rupees per year. However, he was not at that successful with RCB and now he plays with Chennai Super Kings in IPL. Apart from IPL he also plays from Sydney Thunder in Big Bash League, BPL, PPL, and CPL.

The major earning source of Watson is from promoting brands and the Match Fees which he earns by playing in T20 leagues around the world.

In 2016, he retired from International Cricket to spend more time with his family but continued to play the T20 league from the World. His most memorable performance was in 2011 where he single-handedly thrashed Bangladeshi Bowlers and scored 185 runs(unbeaten) with 15 fours and 15 Sixes.

9. Yuvraj Singh Net Worth: $35 Million USD

Yuvraj Singh is the 9th richest player in the world














Yuvraj Singh also known as Yuvi is a renowned Indian Cricketer and currently ranked as the ninth in the richest cricketers in the world list. He is known for his power-hitting ability. When he bats, it seems that every ball will go out of the ground. He is also good at bowling and fielding. He scored over 10,000 runs in his 402 matches international career and also took almost 150 wickets.

Yuvraj was Man Of The Tournament in the ICC 2011 Cricket World Cup. However, he was battling cancer at that time. So soon after the world cup, he went to USA for treatment. After defeating cancer, he returned to the field but sadly his performance was not as that good as that before.

Yuvraj was also popular among major brands. He promoted Pepsi, Puma, LG, Reebok, and many more. He was also the highest-paid cricketer in IPL season 14 and 15. In 2015, Delhi Daredevils bought him for 16 crore rupees.

After retirement, he launched his own Fashion Brand YWC and a charitable foundation named You We Can which creates awareness about Cancer.

The most memorable moment in his career was in 2007 ICC T20 world cup in which he hit 6 sixes in 6 consecutive balls bowled by Stuart Broad.

8. Jacques Kallis Net Worth: $35 Million USD

jacques kallis

Jacques Kallis is the best all-rounder in the World! He had scored over 25 thousand runs and took over 550 international wickets in his 519 international matches. His simple bowling style is still the favorite of many young bowlers. He was also an active player in T20 leagues of the world mainly IPL and Big Bash League. In IPL he player from RCB and KKR.

After his retirement from cricket, he took coaching as his career. Currently, he is coaching the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders. He also signed a 1 Year contract with Sydney Thunders.

Advanced Hair Studios named Jacques Kallis as his Brand Ambassador in 2017.

In 1998, his contribution with ball and bat led South Africa Team to win his only ICC trophy!

7. Virender Sehwag Net Worth : $40 Million USD

Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag is the most aggressive batman ever seen by Indian Cricket. When there is a quick need for runs Virender Sehwag was always there for team India. In my eyes, he is the finest ever opening batsman for India ever seen. He is mainly known for his batting skills as he scored over 17,000 runs in his 374 international matches. Sehwag still holds the record of Fastest ever Triple Century in Test Cricket.

He was also a popular player in IPL history in which he played from Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab. However, his IPL career was not as bright as his international career.

Sehwag is also a popular face among the brands. During his peak time in his career, he promoted brands like Hero, Boost, Samsung and many more!

His most popular innings were in Multan where he scored Triple Century against Pakistan and after then, he was known as ‘Sultan of Multan’.

Currently, he is a TV commentator with Star India.

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6. Shane Warne Net Worth: $52 Million USD

Shane Warne sixth richest cricketer in the world

Shane Warne is a legendary Australian Leg Spinner and coach. He is the second most successful bowler in Cricket with over 1000 wickets in his career. Currently, he is on the sixth number in the richest cricketers in the world list!

His bowling style is an inspiration for many Youths around the world. Haven’t You seen Steve Smith’s Bowling action?

He also played in IPL and was even captain of the Rajasthan Royals in 2008. He retired from IPL in 2011 and Currently, he is the head coach of the Rajasthan Royals.

Shane Warne is also a commentator. He is popular for giving his honest opinions for the cricket world. Even after a decade after his retirement, he continues to be a top-earning cricket personality.

He promotes brands like Pepsi, Mcdonalds, etc. In 1994, he took 8 wickets against England in Brisbane cricket ground.

5. Brain Lala Net Worth: $60 Million USD

Brian Lara is one of the most popular cricketers that hails from the West Indies. He has been known as the greatest left-handed batsman of all time. In his glorious International Career, he has scored over 21,000 international runs in his 430 international matches. He also holds the record of unbeaten 400 runs in a Test Match against England. No one till now has broken this record!

Lara’s unique style of stance makes his batting more unique. In the peak time of his career, he is the face of many brands. He even boosts up Caribbean Economy as Brands started to show interest in his country.

After retirement, Lara started playing Golf, and in that sport to he was Glorious by winning many international tournaments.

He promoted many brands in his career including MRF(a tire manufacturing company) which helped this brand gain international recognition.

Lara was introduced in ICC Hall Of Fame in 2012. His most famous inning was with England in 2004 where he scored unbeaten 400 runs.

4. Ricky Ponting Net Worth: $65 Million USD
Ricky Ponting is the fourthrichest cricketer in the world

Ricky Ponting is the most successful Australian Batsman of all time. He is also the greatest captain in Australian Cricket. Also, he is the most successful player in the World Cups as during his career Australia won World Cup thrice consecutively(1999, 2003, and 2007), two of which were under his captaincy! He is considered as the National Cricket Icon of Australia. Currently, he is on the fourth number in the richest cricketers in the world list!

Ponting has scored over 27,000 international runs in his 560 international matches. His batting style with high backlift was amazing. When he played, it seemed it was impossible to out him. He also played in IPL for teams like Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians.

Ponting is the face of many brands which includes brands like Adidas, Valvoline, kookaburra, etc. Currently, he is a commentator on Channel 9 and also a head coach for Delhi Daredevils teams.

His inning of 197 runs against Pakistan in 1999 was one of the best inning played by him.


3. MS Dhoni Net Worth: $111 Million USD

The third richest cricketer in the world

When it comes to inspiration, MS Dhoni is the name. MS Dhoni aka Captain Cool is the most successful captain in Indian History. He is the only captain that has won all the three ICC trophies. Under his captaincy, Team India has achieved numerous Titles including the ICC World Cup. Currently, he is on the third number in the richest cricketers in the world list!

Dhoni is one of the most successful batsmen of all time and probably the greatest finisher! He is also the greatest wicketkeeper of all time. He is known to turn the games in India’s favor on many occasions. The fan of lightning-fast stumping of MS Dhoni is still the greatest!

A major part of his earning comes from promoting brands. He has promoted many brands like Dream 11, Red Bus, Lays, Amrapali, etc. Moreover, he was the brand ambassador of Reebok for almost seven years. He also owns his own fashion brand ‘Se7en’. Dhoni was the only cricketer in the Forbes Highest Paid Athletes of 2018.

Recently, he announced his retirement from International cricket which broke the heart of many cricket fans. However, he will continue to play for CSK in IPL. His innings in the 2011 ICC World Cup final is the most memorable one in the hearts of cricket fans.

2. Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth: $115 Million USD

Sachin tenduulkar second richest cricketer in the world

Sachin Tendulkar is the GOD of Cricket. He is the most successful batsman of all time as he scored over 34,000 runs in his international career. He holds the record of most centuries in the world. Tendulkar had scored 51 centuries in Tests and 49 centuries in ODIs in his career.

The swiftness in his cover drive was worth to watch. He was the attraction of the team whenever he played for India.

Only a few people know that Sachin Tendulkar is the first cricketer to sign a 100 crore rupees deal(with MRF) with any brand. He promotes many brands like Pepsi, BMW, Adidas, Visa, etc. Currently, he is a mentor of the IPL team Mumbai Indians and had also appeared for commentary on some occasions.


1. Virat Kohli Net Worth: $122 Million USD

Virat Kohli The richest cricketer

Virat Kohli is the most popular cricketer of the current generation. He is one of the most successful batsmen of all time. Apart from batting, he is also a great fielder. Currently, Kohli is the richest cricketer in the world with a total net worth of $122 million USD.

His flawless batting and tremendous fielding made India win many Matches. He scored above 20,000 international runs in his ongoing career. Kohli is also regarded as the most marketable cricketer in the current time. TV ads are filled with Virat Kohli.

Kohli is also the most followed Asian in the world, with over 77 million active followers on Instagram. Also, He is ranked on #66 spot on Forbes list of highest-paid athletes($26 M USD).

Kohli charges 4 crore rupees per day for a single day shoot for ad commercials. He has done the promotion of many brands like Boost, MPL, Hero, Pepsi, Puma, etc. He also owns Goa FC in Indian Super League. Kohli is also the brand ambassador of the largest taxi company in the world, UBER.

Virat Kohli is the richest cricketer in the world in 2020

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