Kapil Dhara Waterfall II The First Waterfall Of River Narmada II

kapil dhara waterfall

Kapil Dhara Waterfall is the First Waterfall of river Narmada from its origin. This Waterfall is located in the Amarkantak town of Annupur District of Madhya Pradesh.

Amarkantak is located 1000 m away from the sea level at the conjunction of Vindhyachal and Satpura ranges with the Maikal Mountains being the joining point.

Kapil Dhara lies at a distance of 6 kilometers from the Narmada Kund, the origin of the holy river the Narmada. This waterfall drops from a height of about 100 meters.

Kapil Dhara waterfall got its name from the renowned scholar, Kapil Muni. It is believed that he resided at this place and wrote ‘Sankhya Philosophy’. He also performed various religious rituals at this place.


River Narmada, one of the holy rivers in India, created Kapil Dhara Falls. Two other rivers Kapila and Erand join the Narmada River to form the Kapildhara falls. The best time to visit the falls is around the time of monsoon(June- August) and post-monsoon( September- January ) as at this time there is a lot of water in the falls. However, You can visit these falls at any time around the year. Consider my article on the Seasons of India to know more about Indian Seasons!

Moreover, this place is also a biodiversity hotspot. The hills surrounding the cascade has several caves in them. It is believed that many saints attain salvation in these caves as this place is very peaceful. The forest surrounding the Fall is called Kapilvan. According to Hindu mythology, Saint Kapil had tried to stop the reverse flow of the Narmada River from this point.

10 Facts about Kapil Dhara Waterfall

1. Kapildhara is the first waterfall of river Narmada from its origin. It is about 6 km distance from Narmada Temple.

2. The Water falls from a height of 100 meters with enormous force but the depth is only about 20- 25 meters.

3. Steps have been washed away by floods so it has become difficult to reach the base of the falls. Although one can reach them with little trekking.

4. There are lots of Monkeys and Langurs so Beware of them. Moreover, This place is in the middle of Kapil Van forests so be aware of insects and snakes which can be present around.

5. The Place at the top of the waterfall has Kapil Muni Ashram. It is believed that at this place Kapil Muni tried to stop the river and eventually reverses the direction of the Narmada towards West.

7. It is believed that every stone in Narmada River is a Shivlings, called Narmadeshwar. People collect these stones and worship them.

8. People also worship the footprints of Lord Kapileshwar Shiva and the scholar Kapil Muni, at the Kapil Ashram.

9. Kapil Muni wrote Sankhya Shastra at this Place.

10. Dugdha Dhara is a smaller waterfall and it is situated about 1 km from the Kapil Dhara.

How To Reach

1. By Air: Jabalpur Airport is the closest airport which lies at a distance of 245 km from Amarkantak.

2. By Rail: Pendra Road Railway station is the closest railway station which is about 17 km from Kapil Dhara.

3. By road: Amarkantak is well-connected to Umaria, Shahdol, Jabalpur, and Rewa, by Road.

My Experience

I reached Kapil Dhara falls during monsoon with a vehicle. The natural beauty of the place is mesmerizing. Although You can find some traces of plastics! Be cautious If you are going down the falls through the stairs as they are Slippery. Also, there are a lot of monkeys. They even tried to snatch my snacks and I peacefully gave them! Overall You can spend around 2-3 hours at Kapil Dhara Falls. There is also a temple inside a cave which is also worth mentioning.

Places To Visit Near Kapil Dhara

Amarkantak is a beautiful town. There are many notable places to visit near Kapil Dhara. Here is the list of some of them!

1. Narmada Udgam Temple

2. Ancient Temples of Kalachuri

3. Amareshwar Mahadev Temple

4. Sarvodaya Digambar Jain Mandir

5. Shri Yantra Mandir

6. Son Udgam Temple

7. Mrityunjay Temple

Watch this short video to get an idea about this place.

Some Pics Of Kapil Dhara Falls

Kapil Dhara falls













kapil dhara falls

kapil dhara falls

Sums Up!

Kapil Dhara is a beautiful place for nature lovers. Pilgrims also find this place interesting. One should visit this place if you are in Amarkantak. Comment your thoughts and views if you find this article useful and informative.

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