How To Concentrate on Studies Even For Long Hours



How To Concentrate On Studies

Studies are an important aspect of life. We are told since childhood that successful people study a lot. It’s a fact that knowledge can be a vital tool for any Ignorance.

But still many times we can not concentrate studying especially when we are in school or college. In this article, I will tell you how you can increase your concentrate on studies and I will also discuss some of the common FAQs in the last of this article.

Moreover, I am going to share my personal experience in tackling the lack of concentration on studies. You can Connect your experiences with my story and can easily find out a way to tackle it.

This article is divided into Four Parts.

1. My Personal Story

2. Why You Can’t Concentrate On Your Studies

3. Ways To Concentrate On Your Studies

4. FAQs (Do Check them out!)

Read this article on with Great Attention and please don’t skip any points as it may hinder your Progress. Also, this is an in-depth article, so don’t get lazy as it may result in your failure!

My Personal Story

My schooling was done in India. In India, we have Board Exams(which is hyped to be the toughest in anybody’s school life!). My goal was to get admission to Delhi University which has criteria of the high percentage(above 90%) in Board Examinations. I was studying laboriously to get admission but I lack concentration.

I was trying to figure out why I am lacking concentration. After thinking a lot, I concluded that it’s my Love Life that was creating this problem. Whenever I sat on my table the first thought that comes to my mind is of my Girlfriend.

I realized that I am thinking of her more than my studies. So I have to make a Firm Decision! Either I have to chase my Dreams or be busy with my Girl Friend stuff!

And I made it! I choose Studies over my Girlfriend. I draw a line between my studies and my Gf. After that Decision, I spent barely an hour with my Girl Friend Stuff which was used to be 5-6 hours!

Now, when I look back, All I can say that this was one of the great decisions I had made. Today, I don’t have my Girl Friend as she betrayed me but guess what! I am Sitting in one of the most prestigious colleges of Delhi University now!

Learning From My Story

1. Goals are more important than any person. People can leave you! Your Goals cant!

2. The happiness you get after completion of your Goals is unimaginable. All I can say is It is the Greatest thing you can do for Yourself!

3. And If you are stuck between love life and studies, choose Studies over Love Life as it helps in making a better future of yours.

Why You Can’t Concentrate on Your Studies

How to Concentrate on Studies

There can be a variety of reasons why a person is not able to concentrate on his/ her studies. The main reason why I am emphasizing this is that we need to understand the root of the problem to solve the problem.

There can be numerous reasons why a person is lacking concentration. Have a look at all of them and figure it out what is your reason behind lacking confidence.

1. Lack of Motivation for Studies

Every work requires motivation. If you don’t have motivation then every minute spends on doing that work seems like an hour! Motivation helps us stay focused. One tip I can give you is that You can watch Youtube Videos for gaining motivation.

Motivation helps in keeping a pinpointed focus and if you are lacking it just watch videos or observe the world around you.

2. External Distraction

Distraction is the murderer of Concentration! Distractions come in many forms. Social Media, Friends, Girl Friends!, Television, Relatives are some of the most popular distractions :). Distractions of any kind will not allow you to pay attention to your studies.

You must keep these distractions away to be successful in your exams. I recommend that you limit the use of social media and interacting with your friends as soon as possible. Devote more quality time in your studies rather than focusing on distractions that are not at all useful for you.

3. Improper Sleep

Most of us feel sleepy when we open our books! Humans need Proper Sleep for acquiring our full concentration. Take a Good Sleep of around 6-8 hours to solve this problem. Also, have Bright lighting in your study room as bad lighting promotes Sleep.

4. Laziness

Laziness is the biggest enemy of Human Being. It is the most destructive thing You can do it to Yourself. Procrastinating things will not solve your problems. It will only lead you to failures.

Lack of Motivation, less interest in the subject, sleepiness, etc. can be the reason for your Laziness and Procrastination.

The only thing you can do here is to realize that your Studies and ultimately Goals are much more important than Laziness. Follow Do It Now! Principle to solve the habit of Procrastination.

5. Insufficient Nutrition

Nutrition plays a big role in increasing concentration among students. Lack of Proper Nutrition leads to headaches and Dizziness. One should take a balanced diet full of Green Vegetables for the proper nourishment of the body.

Also, drink a lot of water as it is proven to boost concentration.

6. Situational Stress

We face a lot of challenges and hurdles in our lives. Due to them, we can be in stress which hampers our study routines. I recommend to not go deep in any situation if it doesn’t relate to your studies and exam preparation. Consult with your parents and well-wishers to deal with any emotional chapters of your lives.

7. Disorganized Lifestyle

Our surrounding environment plays a vital role in determining our power concentration. Keep your books properly, write in good handwriting, have good friends will simply boost up your concentration.

Ways to Concentrate on Studies


How to Concentrate on Studies

Now I am going to discuss how you can concentrate on your studies Effectively. Apply the given methods and observe an exponential boost in your concentration.

1. Meditation

Meditation can be the most useful weapon in defeating the lack of concentration. It is not required to wake up in the morning to do meditation. Meditation can be done anytime.

Just go to any open area where you can receive fresh air. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Do this for 10-15 minutes at least and see the shocking results!

2. Make a Time Table

We need a blueprint to achieve our goals. Time Table helps to organize you and your study hours. Aim to work for 30-60 minute periods with 5-10 minute breaks in between. Breaks help to recharge brainpower. But be cautious during breaks!

Do not do any time-consuming work such as chatting, using social media, watching television, etc. during a break. It will lead to unnecessary consumption of time and your time table will get disturbed.

In breaks, sit back and just relax! Have a glass of water and just close your eyes for a while. Don’t Sleep while closing eyes!

Also, switch over subjects every hour. It will help in preventing yourself from getting bored and saturating your mind.

3. Keep Worries aside and have a separate time for other things

Sometimes it is hard to study when the outside world keeps poking to your mind. We start feeling like we don’t have control over our thoughts. All I can say is You are the ringleader of your thoughts. You started them, and you can stop them, too! Tell yourself that you’ll think about that problem or that girl or boy when you’re finished.

I kept separate time for my Girl Friend. Also, I stopped worrying as I realized Worrying is Just Worthless!

4. Make Study Attractive

While reading mark important points with a colorful marker. Mark the important pages with colorful paper snippets. Keep your books arranged. By making Study attractive you will gain a lot of self-motivation.

5. Make Notes on Important Topics

Use as few words as possible and brief examples to tell what you mean to say. Abbreviate the spellings of what you write in your notes. Note page numbers, titles, and authors of books in case you need to refer to them again for a bibliography or another reason.


6. Study Actively

Reading is boring! Boredom increases aggressively when You don’t have an interest in that topic. Use Active reading techniques to make reading for effective.

Active reading Techniques include asking Yourself questions about the topic you are reading. You can also look away from the page and summarize out loud what you read.

7. Reward Yourself

Rewards help us keep motivated. Have a Nap or Give yourself a treat after successful completion of your Goal. But don’t reward yourself too often for the completion of simple things as it will degrade your motivation in the long run.

8. Choose the Right Place for Studying

Your study room should be in the right place. One should choose a quiet place free of any kind of distractions with proper ventilation. Your Room should be away from T.V., Pets, Living Room as these places increase distraction.

Sit on a chair and Table while studying. Do not study on the bed as it will create back pain. Also, You might feel sleepy while studying on the bed. So, It is advised not to sit on the Bed.

9. Have every accessory on your Reach

Your pencils and pens, highlighters, and books should be within your reach so that you are not distracted while studying. Organize the area, if need be, so the clutter doesn’t clutter your mind. There should be no reason you have to get up, interrupting you from being “in the zone.”

10. Turn Off Your Cell Phone While Studying

Your cell phone could be the biggest distraction. Turn off the phone and other electronic devices before you sit on the table. There are website and software blockers like SelfRestraint, SelfControl, and Think that can keep you away from the websites and software that are the hardest to resist

11. Play Background Music softly

It is proven that soft music can increase concentration. But it depends from people to people. Try out playing soft music in the background and see if it can help. As in my case, it helped to some extent!

12. Take Snacks while Hungry

If you feel hungry while studying keep handy snacks such as berries, nuts, fruits to keep you well fed. Don’t drink too much coffee, caffeinated teas, or any energy drinks (you’ll be up all night long).

Research shows that blueberries, spinach, squash, broccoli, dark chocolate, and fish are all brain-boosting foods that can help you get your study on.

13. Eat Healthy

Your Stomach can control your Brain as well! If you eat a lot of junk food then I am damn sure you will not be able to concentrate on your studies! Take Proper Balanced Diet with Full of Green Vegetable.

Avoid white foods like white bread, potatoes, flour, butter, and sugar. They’re just “dead” foods and sugary beverages can cause you to crash in class and at study time.

14. Have a control on your Thoughts

Do not think about any person, thing, and Future while studying. Convince yourself that if you can start a thought, You can finish it as well.

If you plan to quit, Just use 5 min rule. 5 min rule is urging yourself that do something(study) 5 min more until quitting.

15. Do Challenging Tasks First!

Your mental ability and concentration are highest while starting your studies. Do the most critical and deep background concepts early before moving onto easier (less challenging).

If you do the easier tasks first, you will be thinking about and stressing about the harder ones the whole time, reducing your productivity and ability to focus.


I think I have given You enough tips on how to concentrate on your studies. Now let us know the answers to some questions you might have in your Igniting minds!



Q1. How to avoid Silly Mistakes while studying?

Ans. Silly Mistakes occur due to a lack of concentration. Full concentration while studying and rechecking your answers will help you to avoid these small mistakes.

Q2. I feel sleepy whenever I open my book. What can be done to avoid this problem?

Ans. You need to determine what reason or reasons might be behind your sleepiness to effectively address it. There can be various reasons for sleepiness, including dislike of the studying (in which case you’ll just have to get over that), poor posture, bad light, needing glasses for reading, uncomfortable seating, lack of sufficient sleep, poor nutrition, distractions around you, and so on.

Q3. How can I concentrate on my studies when everything is going bad in my life?

Ans. Do not get trapped in the outside world. Many problems will come to you when you are doing important work. All You can do is to believe that the only thing that can’t be snatched from You is Your Time and Your Goals. So keep working toward your goals and you will start noticing some of the fruitful results.

Q4. How much should I take a break between my studies?

Ans. An effective way is to start applying 10 min Rule. This Rule states that in 1 hour, study for 50 min and take 10 min break after that.

Q5. Name some Super Foods that will increase my concentration in my studies.

Ans. Blueberries, spinach, squash, broccoli, dark chocolate, and fish are all brain-boosting foods that can help you get your study on. Avoid intake of white foods such as sugar, white bread, etc. as they will promote laziness in You.

Q 6. How to study for long hours?

Ans. A break should be taken after every 45-50 minutes to Fresh-Up Your mind. In this way, You can save yourself from boredom and can study for longer hours without any interruption.

Q7. I start to think about other things while I start studying even in quiet rooms. What can I do?

Ans. Your Sub-conscious mind is creating a problem in this scenario. Try Playing Soft Music in the room as it will help your subconscious mind to concentrate on music and ultimately your conscious mind in studies.

Q8. How to study when In Love?

Ans. All I can say is that Love can be temporary but the knowledge you are acquiring is permanent. As in my case, My love Left me but the knowledge and success I acquired are still with me.

Q9. My head starts aching when I sit to Study. What can I do?

Ans. Stay relaxed while you’re studying with hot tea or meditation. If you are still experiencing headaches, visit your doctor or optometrist. Vision problems can often lead to headaches, especially while reading.

Q10. I am tensed about my exams. What to do?

Ans. Keep yourself Relax before exams. You have to realize that worrying will not solve your problems. If you haven’t read the portion start reading it and if you have completed everything, Just Sit back and Relax!

I have addressed some of the most common questions I faced. If you have any questions please mention them in the comment below. I will be happy to solve your Queries.

Sums Up!

Studies are vital Part of our Life. Success is often measured by how much time you study. I believe that success should be measured by the quality of time You spend studying, not the quantity of time. I hope you like this article on How to concentrate on studies. Ask your Queries in Comments and Do message me if you need any in-depth article revolving my concerned niches. Also, Do check out my recent article on 7-star Hotels In India (You will discover some new things there!)

Thank You

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